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Deborah "DJ" Hamouris: Berkeley Dulcimer Gathering

Workshops & Concert in 3 days! - May 15, 2013

The Berkeley Dulcimer Gathering has exceeded the number of registrants to make it a success, and now all we need to do is enjoy it together! Walk-ins are welcome on Saturday morning and you don't even need your own instrument -- we have loaners!

Besides the workshops at the Freight & Salvage starting at 9am, there's a public concert at the Garden Gate Creativity Center at 8pm. Steve Eulberg, Neal Hellman and The DulciMates (Deborah Hamouris & Buffalo) will play their most beloved tunes for everyone. And there will be lots of time to just hang out with other mountain dulcimer players, a precious commodity.

Here's the schedule of activities for the day & evening:


@ the Freight, 2020 Addison St., Berkeley

8:45-9:15 – Registration in the lobby (coffee/tea & pastries available)

9:15-9:45 – Orientation meeting in the lobby

9:45-11:15 – Class 1

11:30-1pm – Class 2

1pm-2pm – lunch

2:15-3:45 – Class 3

@Garden Gate 2911 Claremont Ave., Berkeley

4:30-6pm – Playing Circle with Buffalo

6-7pm – dinner

8-10:30pm – Evening Concert

Parking for workshops will be available at the lot right next door to the Freight & Salvage on Addison St. @$15.00/day. There are other lots in downtown Berkeley, too, but street parking is limited and metered. BART drops you off just a couple blocks away and AC Transit serves the area quite well, too.

Parking at the Garden Gate Creativity Center is a bit easier. GGCC is located near the intersection of Ashby Ave. on Claremont Ave. and there is a small parking lot next to it that is free after 4pm. You can also park on the street, just feed the meter until 6pm.

We are looking forward to a great day of music, education and fun! Please join us.

The Berkeley Two-Step - March 17, 2013



STEP ONE: Register for workshops at the Freight & Salvage at

Cost: $75, $85 after 5/10

There are several ways to pay for registration at the Freight: online (fee $6.88) or by phone (fee $2.00) with a credit or debit card; print & fill out a PDF registration form to send with a check; register in person at the box office (open every day, 12:30-7pm and during performances).


Registration includes 3 classes of your choice. You will be asked to choose 1 class per period based on your experience with the Mountain Dulcimer. See class list at the link above.

STEP TWO: After registering for workshops at the Freight & Salvage there are more options! Fill out the survey at the following link:

This survey leads you to:

~Order meals; 1)a box lunch to be delivered at the Freight (or brown bag it) 2) a buffet dinner at the Garden Gate Creativity Center, 3) or both;

~Order a Berkeley Dulcimer Gathering t-shirt in your size;

~Purchase tickets to the evening concert;

~Let us know if you need a loaner instrument;

~Donate seed money for a Berkeley Dulcimer Gathering in 2014;

~Gives you payment options for your choices (online or by check);

~Give us your contact info for correspondence regarding important details about the Berkeley Dulcimer Gathering, as well as notification of dulcimer-related events in the area.

Don't hesitate to contact me with questions or clarification of our little two-step reg dance!

Registration is now OPEN! - March 16, 2013

The Freight & Salvage has opened registration! Go here:

And let the fun begin!

Teacher Bios - February 24, 2013

If you add up the cumulative experience the Berkeley Dulcimer Gathering instructors have, playing and teaching, there would be more than a century's worth! We're excited to be the inaugural team and glad to be working with each other, even though we've known the others for years. Here are some details about the teaching team!

Steve Eulberg

5-time winner in the national mountain dulcimer contest, 3-time national hammered dulcimer finalist, Steve Eulberg weaves old-timey with blues and contemporary tunes adding original songs into a tapestry of “smile-inducing, toe-tapping folkgrass” that captivates and energizes audiences of all ages.

Steve's music has been featured on United Airlines’ Inflight Audio, PBS’s Roadtrip Nation and National Public Radio. An active touring musician, film and theater composer, he has had several songs in the Top 10 Independent Country Chart reported by The Music Review.

He has taught and performed at the Summer Solstice Festival of the CTMS and Southern California Dulcimer Heritage Dulcimer Day, as well as folk schools and festivals across the US. He is the host of the Colorado Dulcimer Festival and is active as the Western Regional Board Representative of Local 1000, the non-geographical local of the AFM, specifically created for traveling musicians. His elementary school programs are engaging, informative, uplifting and fun!

Neal Hellman

A nationally acclaimed performer and teacher of the mountain dulcimer, Neal has been active in performing, writing, teaching, and recording acoustic music for the past 30 years.

Neal’s latest recording, Emma’s Waltz, is a colorful dance through traditional and contemporary acoustic music styles. Featuring seventeen different musicians playing compositions from Ireland, Scotland, Finland, America and France.

Neal's other recordings include: Autumn In the Valley, Dream of the Manatee (with Joe Weed) and Oktober County, all on the Gourd Music label.

He is the author of many books on the Appalachian dulcimer, including Celtic Songs & Slow Airs for Mountain Dulcimer, The Dulcimer Chord Book, The Hal Leonard Dulcimer Method, and Music of the World for Mountain Dulcimer.      

As founder, director and one of the primary artists of the Gourd Music record label, Neal has produced over forty albums, including Simple Gifts, The Fairie Round, Tender Shepherd, The World Turned Upside Down and Jefferson’s Fiddle, creating a uniquely distinctive sound, featuring a variety of acoustic instrumental ensembles, rich in texture and tonal color.


Deborah “DJ” Hamouris

Deborah is a performer, teacher, recording artist, choral director, community organizer and producer of musical events. She teaches both singing and mountain dulcimer at music festivals, the Freight & Salvage Coffeehouse, on the road and privately at home. Deborah’s recordings date from 1986. In 2012, she produced two CDs. “Snapshots” includes original songs accompanied by the guitar artistry of Mimi Fox. “The Green Man”, recorded by The DulciMates with husband Buffalo, has both traditional and traditionally-inspired folk music with two dulcimers & vocal harmonies. Both Jazz & folk music sustain Deborah’s career as performer, director, songwriter and teacher. She lives in Oakland and loves to knit, when time and her cat allow. The Berkeley Dulcimer Gathering is her first foray into the world of dulcimer festival production.

Ron Beardslee

Ron's life offers a cautionary tale for those with an interest in the mountain dulcimer. Ron fell under the dulcimer's spell nearly 20 years ago, sparking a love affair that has played an essential role in his life ever since. Ron jumped into the dulcimer world feet first, organizing quarterly Redwood Dulcimer Group gatherings for seven years, leading workshops for beginner classes at Redwood Dulcimer Day and producing a book of dulcimer tablature for beginners. Ron resides in the North Bay where he gives mountain dulcimer lessons and continues to serve his obsession with the mountain dulcimer. As coordinator for Redwood Dulcimer Day, Ron is an enthusiastic guide for those beginning their dulcimer journey.

Workshop Offerings! - February 21, 2013

Announcing Workshops (plus a note)!

I've been hammering out the details for the First Ever Berkeley Dulcimer Gathering (tm!) so all is in place for registration to open on March 15th. However, the workshop titles we're offering are "go", so here's the roster of classes!

Steve Eulberg:

Modes for Dulcimer (int/adv) - The ancient modes are actually the best description of how both kinds of dulcimers are designed. We explore them for the purpose of helping us learn to play various kinds of music on mountain dulcimer.

Beatles (int/adv) Daytripper and Eleanor Rigby are two tunes that are very fun to play on mountain dulcimer.

Noter Style (all levels) Playing with a noter is a fine traditional way to make glorious music on the dulcimer. Typically uses DAA & DAd Tunings, but can be tailored for any tuning.

Deborah J. Hamouris:

Back in the swing (review for returning players) Especially for those players that: 1) have never played with others, especially using tablature; 2) took a class or two a while back, but haven’t played since then; or 3) need some review of basic strums, nomenclature, scales & chords. Taking this class will get you ready to enjoy the rest of the day’s offerings!

From “Just Melody” to Chord/Melody (beg/int) Learn the process of taking a melody from noter style to chord/melody style using the appropriate chords for the tune.

Ron Beardslee:

Introduction to the Dulcimer (Novice): The main characteristic of this workshop is the total lack of any requirement for prior musical experience. Never played an instrument? No problem. Cannot read music? No problem. By the end of the class you will be able to play simple melodies, play the basic chords, tune your instrument and read tablature, the simplified musical notation that dulcimer players use.

 Beginning Repertoire for the Mountain Dulcimer (Beg/Adv Beg) We will go over around ten or so tunes appropriate for the beginner, advanced beginner, and almost-intermediate player. The tunes will illustrate a range of styles and techniques necessary to improve playing ability.

Neal Hellman:

Music of the World for Mountain Dulcimer: (Intermediate). Featuring arrangements from Neal's latest book of arrangements for Hal Leonard Publishing. Including: Arirang (Korea), Tourdion and Belle qui tiens ma vie (France), Längdance (Sweden), Ojos azules (Andes), Roselil' og hendes moder (Denmark) and additional arrangements from Ireland, Russia and The Netherlands. Students should be able to perform basic embellishment techniques (hammers, pulls and slides).

Aeolian Mode for Beginners: (Beginner) Students will tune to the Aeolian mode of D (D-A-C where D is the bass string). This is both a simple and rewarding workshop, especially for beginners. Students will be taught basic melodies as well as how to utilize the dulcimer to back up the voice. Selections include The Praties, Kojo no Tuski, Goddesses, Breton Tune and Nonesuch.

A Note on Local Accommodations:

It turns out that May 18th is also Commencement Day for UC Berkeley, so many local accommodations are already filling up. If you are planning to stay overnight for the festival, we recommend you check out, particularly their list of Berkeley rooms, here:

There will be a list of local accommodations in your registration packet, too.

Berkeley Dulcimer Gathering Info - January 21, 2013


The 1st Ever
Berkeley Dulcimer Gathering!
Peace. Love. Dulcimers.

May 18, 2013

Featuring Mountain Dulcimer Teachers: 
Steve Eulberg
Neal Hellman
Deborah “DJ” Hamouris
Ron Beardslee

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Workshops 9am-4pm $75
@Freight and Salvage Coffeehouse
2200 Addison Street
Berkeley, CA 

Evening events at
Garden Gate Center
2911 Claremont Avenue
Berkeley, CA 

Playing Circle 4:30-6pm

Buffet dinner 6pm
for workshop participants
Public Concert 8pm $15 

Meals available separately.
Loaner instruments available.

Registration opens 3/15/13

For registration info:

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